NDSM South Dock gives your life a new perspective. It’s on the sunny side of the IJ and offers views across the water and city. Whenever you decide to look outside the views are simply fascinating. All the lights from the vessels sailing by, the setting sun, the city waking up. You’re witness to it all. NDSM South Dock combines the authenticity of this part of the city’s industrial past with modern living comfort, and the city centre just a ten-minute ferry ride away.



  1. On the sunny side of the IJ, views across the water and city
  2. NDSM, the rough and lively part of Amsterdam
  3. Two to five-room apartments with outside space
  4. The ferry in front of your home and provided with spacious car park
  5. All facilities within easy reach
  6. Energy label A++



NDSM South Dock is located right on the water and includes various buildings. The 18-floor high tower and the large windows give NDSM South Dock a unique look. Metropolitan and open, robust and accessible. The tower’s ground floor is reserved for commercial activities: offices, shops and cafes/restaurants. The apartments are located above. All apartments have energy label A++, (according to the official revised label method) which can provide energy savings of up to 80% compared to homes with a C or E energy label. NDSM South Dock is also all about convenience. There’s an underground car park and the Bringme service in the lobby means you’ll never miss that package.
The communal garden and smart and sophisticated lighting complete the picture. NDSM South Dock offers the perfect mix of liveliness, space and comfort.






NDSM South Dock accommodates over two hundred apartments. From two-room apartments of around 62 m2 to five-room apartments of around 129 m2. The large windows allow natural light to flood in and the outside areas – a terrace or balcony – provide a sense of space. The smart apartment layout optimises the use of the available space. You also have the opportunity to add that personal touch to your apartment, for instance by creating a small alcove for your ideal homeworking space. The bathroom and kitchen are fully equipped with all the conveniences you could wish for, while the finish throughout exudes luxury and attention to detail.



Offices, shops, cafes, restaurants and a communal garden on the ground floor. NDSM South Dock is a lively place where everything converges in one unique location.

If you are interested in one of the commercial units, please contact Brickstone (shop or cafe/restaurant unit) or DRS Makelaars (office space).


NDSM is bursting with energy; it’s the place for those who aim to get the most out of life. You’ll find places for coffee and lunch, cafes, restaurants and everything you need for your daily shop. And the city is never far away as the ferry takes you to the centre of Amsterdam in just ten minutes.  

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The city’s greenest and most surprising restaurant. Delicious food combined with a weekly programme of films, live music and dance evenings. That magical beach feeling right in the heart of the city.

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WONDR Experience

Designed in collaboration with Amsterdam’s most creative minds, our experience playground is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is a place that invokes inspiration, fantasy and pure joy. A dazzling adventure created to engage all of your senses in unexpected ways.

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A refreshing mix of Dutch and international cuisine. They have a great love of beer here and the ambiance is simply overwhelming.

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Enjoy lunch or dinner in the sunshine or take a seat inside this industrial-style restaurant. The fish restaurant dishes are all about local, fresh and home-grown Dutch produce.

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Eye is the Dutch national museum for film. It manages more than 54.000 films from all genres. The collection represents an outstanding sample of film history, from classics and blockbusters to cult films. But Eye does not only focus on the past: it also closely follows the latest developments in film by organizing new acquisitions, programmes, and debates.



NDSM is located at a prime location in Amsterdam. Directly on the IJ, diagonally opposite Pontsteiger, and with the sun and water on the south. Thanks to the ferry, the center of Amsterdam is always close by. Due to this location, it’s only a 10-minute drive to the A10 and you are at Amsterdam Central Station within 10 minutes.



Rental phase 3 started!

In the third phase, 24 apartments will be offered for rent. Are you interested in a South Dock rental apartment? Register now via the button below.

The registration for phase 3 starts on Monday, November 28th 2022 at noon and ends on Monday, December 5th 2022 at noon. If you submit a complete file during this registration period you will be included in the first allocation round. Do you already have an account? Then log in!

Besides a fantastic view, South Dock offers so much more: apartments with outdoor space from two to five rooms, the ferry in front of the door and South Dock is equipped with a spacious parking garage. Click here to view the apartments at South Dock.


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When does the leasing start?

The leasing of South Dock phase 1 will start monday 12 september 2022 12:00 pm.


How can I register for an apartment?

The registration is online in a secure environment and consists of several parts and steps, during the steps there are several checks:

Go to “register” and search for your preferred apartments in the apartment finder. When you have added your preferred apartments to your favorites the registration can be completed.


Online dossier
When the registration form is completed and sent, a personal mail is sent to create a password for the personal online file. In this file personal documents and data are requested. It is also possible to modify the documents or data at a later time.

Note: the registration is only final when the registration form is digitally signed.


Provisional allocation
We will allocate the apartments based on the preferences and data entered. The result of the allocation will be announced via email, which will also include instructions on how to accept the provisional allocation.


Based on the income requirement for the apartments (see explanation further on in this FAQ), preferences, availability and completeness of files, the apartments will eventually be allocated to the best matching candidate. Did you not receive a message that you have been assigned? Then you will automatically be put on the reserve list, so you can still have a chance at an apartment!


Final check and final acceptance
After accepting the apartment we start checking your online dossier. We will check your data for authenticity and look at your income situation and payment history.

When your online dossier is fully approved you will receive an email that your dossier has been approved and the rental agreement will be offered for a digital signature.


Delivery and key transfer
After the contract is signed you will be informed about the exact date of key transfer and the further delivery procedure. It is possible that when signing the lease it is not yet clear what the exact delivery date of your apartment is. In this case you will receive, where possible, up to four weeks in advance the definitive date for the key transfer. The expected delivery date is in November.

How does South Dock handle my data?

It goes without saying that we will handle the uploaded documents and your data confidentially. All documents will be deleted after rejection.

Are there any registration costs?

No, we do not charge registration or mediation fees.

Income criteria

What requirements do I need to meet to be eligible?

To qualify for an apartment in South Dock, you must meet at least:


A gross monthly income of at least 3x the monthly rent.

For two-income households, the joint monthly income must be at least 4x the monthly rent.


Independent entrepreneurs must have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce for at least 2 years. In addition, a recent profit or loss account from at least two full financial years must be shown.


Pensioners must have a gross monthly income equal to at least 3x the monthly rent.


You should not have any arrears with a previous landlord or mortgage provider. Based on this, the allocation may be cancelled.

How do I calculate my gross annual income?

In employment:

Vacation pay, fixed bonus and a fixed 13th month are included in determining gross annual income. Flexible bonuses, profit sharing and compensation for a lease car are not included in the income test.


In retirement:

Your total annual income from your state pension and pension(s). (The most recent annual statements added together).



Your equity can be added 10% to your gross annual income. You must prove your equity with us, for example by providing a copy of a bank statement from a Dutch bank account.


Self-employed entrepreneur:

The gross annual income is calculated on the basis of your net operating result.


Note: do you have fixed financial obligations such as mortgage repayments, loans or alimony? These are included in the income calculation.


What documents are requested in the leasing process?


Extract from the population register (in case of multiple tenants from both, maximum 3 months old)

A statement from the current landlord / mortgage holder (not older than 3 months).

Copy of ID card/Passport. For this you can use the KopieID app from the Rijksoverheid.


Are you employed?

Employer’s certificate, maximum 3 months old

3 most recent salary slips

3 recent bank statements showing the salary.


Are you self-employed?

As an entrepreneur, you can prove your income with an income statement from the tax authorities over the two most recent years. You can request this form free of charge by calling the “belastingdienst” on 0800 0543 or by logging in to “Mijn Belastingdienst” with your DigiD. Please note: you can only request this document using a DigiD.

Do you not have an income statement? Then an accountant’s or bookkeeper’s declaration with annual accounts is necessary.

Balance sheet, profit and loss account of the last 2 years drawn up by an accountant/bookkeeping firm.

Accountant’s certificate (or income statement from the tax authorities).

An estimate, drawn up by an accountant, of the expected result of the coming financial year.

Recent excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce register (not older than 3 months)


Are you retired/AOW entitled?

Annual statement of AOW and pension if applicable

Income statement from the tax authorities

Three bank statements showing the deposit of AOW and, if applicable, pension.


Do you currently own a house?

Then your income must be sufficient to cover the mortgage and rental costs.


In the case of a owner-occupied home, the following situations are possible and you must upload the following documents:


The house has been sold:


Deliver a (provisional) contract of the sale

Annual statements from the mortgage provider OR a bill of account.


You are keeping the mortgage:

Annual statements from mortgage lender

Three bank statements showing the monthly mortgage payments

You must also take into account that the rental agreement requires you to register at the address of the rented property. Any mortgage interest deduction will lapse as a result.


Do you currently have a rental property?

Recent landlord statement



In the event of a divorce it is important that you can substantiate your financial position on the basis of the divorce agreement or mediator’s statement, so that we can determine whether there are sufficient financial resources to bear the rent in relation to the income.

As a student, can I get a rental property?

As long as the income standard is not met, it is not possible for students to rent an apartment in this project.

Where can I find a blank employer's statement?

Click here to download a blank employer statement.

Where can I find a blank landlord, mortgage statement?

Click here to download a blank landlord, mortgage statement

How do I ensure that my documents comply with AVG legislation?

To combat identity fraud, it is important to provide documents that meet AVG guidelines. This means, among other things, that your BSN and passport photo must not be visible. For this you can use the KopieID app from the Rijksoverheid.


What types of contracts are available at South Dock?

It is possible to rent with a maximum of two people (excluding children). A co-occupant can be added, removed or changed during the rental period. In that case a new rental agreement has to be signed. If you change from a single-person household to a two-person household, this will have consequences for the income requirements, whereby the standard is set at a minimum joint gross monthly income of four times the monthly rent.

What is the minimum contract length?

The minimum rental period is 1 year, after that the rental agreement will be converted to an indefinite contract and can be terminated per month with a notice period of at least 1 calendar month.

Is a deposit/bank guarantee applicable?

Before the lease can be finalized, a deposit must be paid. This amount will be refunded at the end of the contract, subject to partial or full deduction as described in the General Terms and Conditions which you will receive with the draft rental agreement. The amount of the deposit is 2 to 4 times the monthly rent.

Is there a rent increase every year?

Yes, there is an annual rent increase. You will receive an annual notice in the month of June announcing the annual rent increase. In accordance with the lease agreement article 5.2, the annual increase CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Am I eligible for rent subsidy?

South Dock only has free sector apartments which means you are not eligible for rent allowance.

Does the rent include water/light?

No, the price on the website is the base rent. You have to take care of water and electricity yourself.

Are there service costs in addition to the rent?

Yes, for the common areas used by all residents certain costs are shared. For example, maintenance of the exterior, cleaning of entrances and stairs. These costs are paid from the service costs. You will always receive a separate statement and an annual overview of the service costs. The service costs are €1,- per psqm per month, these are also shown in offer.

About the apartments

When will the apartments be completed?

South Dock is a large new construction project that has a total of 208 apartments. The prognosis is that the first apartments will be delivered at the end of 2022. The final commencement date of the lease will be announced to the tenant on time, but no later than four weeks in advance.

Are the pictures on the website of the apartment in question?

The images are Artist Impressions. They are intended to give you an impression of what an apartment might look like. It is not necessarily a representation of your chosen apartment. The apartments are delivered bare with a finished bathroom, kitchen and toilet. You can see the layout of the apartment on the floor plan. You can find this in the apartment finder. The location of the apartment can be seen on the floor plan.

Can I get a floor plan of the apartments?

All floor plans are listed in the apartment finder on this website.

Can I sublet my apartment, for example through AirBnB?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Please note that this can lead to immediate termination of your contract and a high fine, as described in the terms and conditions.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in South Dock provided they do not cause any inconvenience.


My preferred apartment is not available. Can I be notified when an apartment becomes available?

If your preferred apartment becomes unavailable, you will automatically be put on the reserve list. If none of your preferences are available, but you would still like an apartment in South Dock, then you can always change your preferences. Log in to your account and change your preferences. You may then be assigned to an available apartment.

Please note that new apartments may become available every day, so visit the website regularly.

Is it possible to see the apartment?

The apartments are currently under construction. For safety reasons it is not possible to visit the apartments at this moment. As soon as a viewing is possible, you will be informed.

Want to know more about the NDSM area?

For more information about life at NDSM, please visit: